Abstract Clocks

These gradiental clocks are the result of experimenting with abstract ways to represent time.

They were built for Electric Objects, check out the showcase.

Daily Rotation

This clock displays the time in 24 hour format. With the inner circle's dark edge, and the outer circles light edge pointing to the current time.

For Example:

Hourly Rotation

This clock behaves similarly to a regular wall clock, with the inner circle's dark edge pointing where the minute hadn would, and the other pointing to where the hour hand would be.

For Example:

Rise and Fall

This clocks gradients rise and fall throughout the day. With the outer gradient mirroring the inner.

For Example:

Hourly Rise and Fall

This clocks inner gradient rises and then quickly falls once each hour, the outer gradient rises and falls gradually throughout the day.

For Example:


This clock is a color circle, rotating through time on a 12 hour schedule. The best way to understand it, is to know which colors match each time.

For Example: