Have you ever thought that console.frog should be a native browser api, but somehow isn't? Either way, this polyfil is for you!

Have you ever lied in bed awake, wondering why console.log is so boring? console.frog is an easy way to spice up your development life. Its really that simple! Runs on vanilla javascript, in most modern browsers (the kind that has developer tools!).

So, here's what regular life looks like:

// Here is you, logging some logs
// And here is your output.

Wow, what a drag that was! No wonder you've become disenchanted with web development and hate every day life!

NOW! Here's what your life could be after console.frog

// Here is happy you, logging some logs
// And here is your output.
          _,-.     ------------
  ,-. ,--'  o ) -(   Amazing!   )
  \(,' '  ,,-'     ------------
 \(`--'    `\ 

Wow. That feels good! You can see it in action if you look at the javascript console on this page!

How do I use it!?

Simply include the console.frog.js file into your app! You can also check the code out on github!