90's Cursor Effects

I'd like to take the web back a little bit, into the wonderful days where knowing how to get your little mouse arrow to dance and sway was the most of your worries.

Each of the cursor effects below are built for your modern browser (fast, efficient, mobile friendly), and are super easy to add to your site!

To get started adding a cursor effect to your site, check out the documentation on GitHub.
Fairy Dust+ to your site
Text Flag+ to your site
Trailing+ to your site
Following Dot+ to your site
Elastic Emoji+ to your site
Emoji Rain+ to your site
Snowflakes+ to your site
Character+ to your site
If you're a fan of this project, or have any ideas or submissions, or some neato old effects that need modernization send them in via GitHub!

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If you use any of these effects, please consider sponsoring me on GitHub or shouting me a coffee, all keeps me going!
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