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Windows Metro tiles with Javascript and CSS3

What: TileJs brings the (lovable?) subtle effects of windows 8 tiles to the web, with css3 and a touch of javascript. What are these subtle effects, I hear you ask? Well, more or less its just a slight tilting of the metro tiles when you click, leaning towards the edge closest to your cursor (or finger!) or, if you click in the center, the slight depression of the tile into the screen.

Why: Because these subtle effects are what make websites great!... perhaps most people won't notice them, but some will... and it will make them smile :)

Demo: Just click the tiles, and see that sleek tilting action!

How: Using tileJs is easy! The code is open source on github , so you can easily download the tileJs script (or the minified version) and get started! All you need to do is add "metro-tile" to the class of you tile-to-be elements, and include the script at the bottom of the page! There's no jquery, or css required either!! There's a more detailed, step by step guide on github: here

Who: You! No... ME! I'm Tim, an Australian interactive developer, living busy New York. I love to tinker and play with Javascript, css and any new technology. You can see my experiments , blog or reach out to me on twitter: @twholman