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Always Judge a Book by it's Cover

A weekend project that took a a couple of weekends. Weird books & weird covers.

I’ve had this project in my brain for over a year, and was really waiting for a gap when I had the time and patience to complete it.

Always Judge a Book by its Cover is a collection of all the strangest book titles out there, as well as their amazon links, and a small parody-styled review of the book based on its cover.

book titled be bold with bananas

The real time suck of this was finding all the books, writing all the reviews, collecting all the links, and then building the site itself.

book titled extreme ironing

There are some nice little touches that were fun to build on this project. The drippig effect was done with canvas (could probably be nicer with css houdini in the future.)

The 3d book effects were done with css transforms, and are hooked up to lazy load with the js intersection observer.

Always Judge a Book by its Cover