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Aquatilis was the kind of project that comes along once in a blue moon. Beautiful photography, russian dive team, oceanic adventure… how could anyone turn it down!

The Aquatilis expedition website was a project undertaken by a friend of mine, Tobias, and myself. Entailing the goals and ambitions of an experienced dive team… in their own words.

Our custom-built expedition yacht Aquatilis, will carry us through the world’s oceans for three years. The places we sail to will take our breath away with their beauty, or with their danger. The use of the most cutting-edge technology will give us the opportunity to scrutinize gelata in their natural glory. Our experiences will be broadcast all over the world, encouraging everyone to embark on their own journey of discovery.

The goal of the website was to be visually captivating, yet still get across the message and goals of the expedition.


The photography was so vivid, that it really pushed along the art direction in an incredible way.


There are several pieces of this website, that I found particularly enjoyable to build, and that find a nice way of having a powerful impact, while being subtle and clean.


When building this, the pieces that I felt could be abstracted, and shared with the world, I did! These include intense images, a library to show a clean full screen modal.

Also, if you look very closely on the website, you can see small things swimming around, as though they were in the ocean. You can check that out, on CodePen.

You can look at some of the original designs, and mood boards here.