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Binary Music Player

A little music player, with a binary twist.

A while ago, I stumbled onto this beautiful video. A music player that counted up with binary, playing notes on each particular 1, and being silent on each particular 0. In the video (which I do think everyone should listen to!) the creator has also added some background sounds, and is also using real piano notes, so it is definitely a lot more beautiful.

That said, it was still something that I wanted to replicate on the web, using Tone.JS.

I also went ahead and added the ability to customize the notes, and share the individual creations with others via url parameters.

The binary music player

There wasn’t really any need to use a framework (other than Tone.JS of course), so its all relatively vanilla JavaScript, so if you take a peek at the code, it shouldn’t be too insane.

Binary Music Player
Binary Music Player On GitHub