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Concentrics & Rasterizer

Experimenting with Image data in the canvas. There’s always fun to be had!

This is one of my earliest experiments (of course writing this from the future), that said there were a lot of great things to learn.

The canvas is (was) fresh to the web, and there was (still is!) a lot of experimenting to do. In these experiments I am loading image data in and checking it in the format of a grid (which color is this pixel, 10 pixels from the top and left, 20 pixels from the top and left, 30 pixels etc)

From that data, I decide certain things, “how dark is this”, or “what color is this” and then made different renderings from that information.


The custom controls here are using DAT.GUI, which is a great utility to use when building projects that have lots of workable variables.


I’ve added both of these projects to CodePen, where you can play with, and edit the source.

Concentrics & Concentrics source on Github
Rasterizer & Rasterizer source on Github