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Elevator JS

Elevator music for when you press those “back to top” buttons.

Elevator.js strung out from a small hack-day experiment, while I was working at tumblr.

The library is fairly simple, but again was a fun learning experience. When you hit the “back to top” button, it plays music, as though it were an elevator scrolling to the top.

Technology wise, its all vanilla JavaScript, and a single MP4 audio file. The trickiest part of this was getting the scroll to act smoothly, for this we needed to incorporate some easing algorithms.

Naturally, I built a small web page to show it off as well… although you should probably visit the site to actually see it in action. Website

The library was built to be able to take in any music file, so its pretty malliable. In the time the library has been out, I’ve spotted it on a lot of websites, including one for Google IO.

EDIT: Woah, this got super popular. Now is my most popular open source project.

Elevator.js Webpage
Elevator.js on Github