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Generative Artistry

Generative Artistry is a small venture I’m making into blogging actual code! Including something I’ve been thinking a lot about, self coding tutorials.

I’m super excited about Generative Artistry, its going to be a great avenue for me to explore technical blogging, as well as an experimentation into how people learn to code. There’s been a ton of encouraging feedback, that is leading to my next release, which will be called Tutorial Markdown, a markdown style for interactive blogging.

The site itself is a simple blog, built on hugo, a static site build built with GO… its primary focus is speed.

Generative Artistry Site

The site provides a list of tutorials, simple as that.

Another Generative Artistry Site Pic

The tutorials are where the magic really happens, as you scroll through the posts, the code is compiled together in a small editor (to the top left), and then executes in an iframe at the bottom left.

Generative Artistry tutorial page

This means that as you’re reading the post, you can scroll back and forth between code examples and see the difference and steps. This helps build a much stronger understanding about the code thats heading into the editor, and can hopefully help to foster a better learning process.

Edit: Tutorial markdown is now open sourced, for those looking to build something similar

Generative Artistry
Generative Artistry on GitHub