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Inspiring Online 2.0

I’ve remade inspiring online, with a focus on a slightly longer format.

I’d first made inspiring online in late 2016, and had kept it fairly busy into 2018, and then dropped off completely.

I’ve decided to do a revival, with a little longer format of the posts. Partially because I’ve been putting a little more effort into writing, and trying to improve on it, and partially because I feel that I have the knowledge to give some fun insights into some of these things.

The refresh also has come with a fresh redesign, to accommodate the longer format of writing.

The website itself

I’ve rebuilt the code from scratch, moving it from jekyll to hugo, which is a lot faster. And hosted it on Netlify, for quick and easy deployment.

Edit: After this initial rebrand, I’ve done a larger, weirder one. Inspiring Online is now The Indie Web.

Inspiring Online website
Inspiring Online source on Github