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Inspiring Online

A project aimed at creating a simple inspirational open source blog, that could be a launching point for people beginning to look at git/github and contributing to open source!

This blog was a fun little one to create, the aim of giving myself a simple area that I can share inspiring and creative work as well as a simple repository that I could use to help people kick off contributing to open source, either in person or online.

The design was a fairly simple isotope layout (thanks Dave!), and dark color scheme… really, the content speaks for itself.

The website itself

This is the kind of project that grows slowly, but always has a place in my day-to-day life… fixing bugs/helping new contributors/adding new sites.

On the extra nerdy side, I have a script that I use to add posts from the command line. This creates the new post file, setting the date, and linking the image files needed to add a new post. Its not really needed, but means that I can create a new post without opening the text editor, or manually moving images around.

Edit: Inspiring Online is now The Indie Web

Inspiring Online website
Inspiring Online source on Github