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The Finger

A website that gives people the finger. No tricks here.

A little quick collab with my friend Guy Trefler.

The finger, thats it

Actually I lied, there are some cool tricks here! I always say you can learn something even from the most simple projects, and “The Finger” is no exception.

I needed to look into translating between one color and another. I read into this, and made sure I understood all the math. In the end, used an answer from Stack Overflow (because why re-invent the wheel), but at the same time, its always important to understand what you’re putting into your site, especially if you’re copy pasting.

EDIT: I also recieved an awesome pull request, allowing you to tilt your phone, to effect the ammount of finger the page is giving. Check it out on your phone.

The Finger
The Finger on Github