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The Useless Sites of The Useless Web

Back in 2012, I built The Useless Web, a portal to the weird of the internet. Now, I’m tracking down how those sites came to exist.

When The Useless Web was built, honestly, I was on a broad search for everyone all sorts of weird sites here and there, but didn’t put a whole lot of research into them… they exist, people all over the world have been spending time creating all sorts of useless wonders. Now, I’m going back and trying to find out the what, when, where, and why’s of these sites.

The hub for them, is here, a subdirectory of the main site. As the sluthing continues, and the emails roll back in, I’m updating it with the backgrounds of these sites.

Screenshot of the Cat Bounce Website

To kick things off, we have Cat Bounce, Endless Horse & RRRGGGBBB.

Screenshot of The Pigeon Website

I’m also using the service to try to appeal to anyone reading, I’m seeking out any information on sites are very difficult to find information about, The Pigeon for example.

The Useless Sites of the Useless Web