Hi, I'm Tim.

An Aussie interactive developer, residing in New York.
This is my little folio and web playground.

The Pattern Library.

A collective of beautiful patterns, and talented designers.

Website Collaboration


Tiny site for a friend, with a hard-to-pronounce name.

Website html + css UI + UX

Authentic Weather.

Probably the most honest weather app.

Website collaboration

Meet the Ipsums.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, an Ipsum Hub.

Website collaboration

Fizzy Cam.

A tech mashup with webGL, shaders and headtracking.

Experiment webgl webrtc

Discreet Twitter UI.

Hide those ugly twitter buttons under secret doors.

Experiment html + css UI/UX


Writing for minimalists.

Website UI/UX productivity


The passive aggressive password machine.

Website Humor? Collaboration

The Useless Web.

Because some sites, we just couldn't live without.

Website Humor? Time Waster 2012


Drawing with text.

experiment canvas + js interactive 2012


Alternative ux for text boxes.

experiment ui/ux html + js 2012

Image Nodes.

Playful particles.

experiment canvas + js interactive 2012


Rasterization techniques on canvas.

experiment canvas + js generative 2012


Generative pattern designs.

experiment canvas + js generative 2012

Interactive Typography.

A small design/development tutorial.

tutorial canvas + js typography 2011

Generative Boids.

Using flocking behavior with artistic brushes.

experiment canvas + js generative 2011

Bezier Curve Simulation.

Visualizing the mathematics of bezier curves.

experiment visualization canvas + js 2011

Dripping Paint.

Simple generative paint pattern.

experiment canvas + js generative 2011