Tim Holman

Is a quirky interactive developer who likes nonsense (good for the brain) & building his own stuff.

If you're interested in keeping up, you can catch his weekly log!

You can see his work on the right, or catch him on CodePen, Github, Twitter, & StinkedIn

He also loves eeeemails.

Tetris Pieces [NEW]

A beautiful Tetris AI for your wall


Obnoxious.CSS [NEW]

CSS can be fantastic, here's a library of CSS for the strong of heart, yet weak of mind.

Check it out!

Smelvetica [NEW]

Not your grandma's helvetica. A prank to play on friends or enemies.

Smell it here.

Passive Agressive Office Simulator [NEW]

Lonely working from home, now you can remember all those lovely office Slack messages.

See it here!

Abstract Clocks [NEWY]

See time a little differently with these abstract clocks built for Electric Object.

See it here!

Ok, get this [NEWIISH]

A fun micro-podcast about interesting and weird things that are totally real.

Check it out.

Human Music

Joke music project, based on a small moment in Rick and Morty. Fans will get it, everyone else will be confused.

Have a listen

Positive Action

Small list of positive website you can use to take even more positive action

Lets see!

Ascii Morph

A library that is powering the ascii animations that happen when you hover these tiles!.

Demo // GitHub

Inspiring Online [ALWAYS NEW]

An open source blog of all things inspiring and creative online. Built to be an easy access point for people looking to get into open source.

See It // GitHub

Console Dot Frog

A groundbreaking new library, adding the ability for you to debug using frogs, rather than normal text. Guarenteed to brighten your day.

Demo // GitHub

GitHub Corners

A new and fresh take on the "fork me on GitHub" banners you see around the web. SVG, with some fun little animations.

Demo // GitHub

Intense Images

A (really) full screen image viewer, for high resolution photography, or artworks.

Demo // GitHub

Elevator.js [POPULAR AF]

A library to make "scroll to top" buttons a little bit more... elevator like. Has been used on thousands of sites, all in good fun!

Demo // GitHub


A minimal writing zone, created for minimum distractions, and maximum zen (whatever that means).

See it! // GitHub


Website built for the Aquatilis expedition, complete with crazy underwater creatures, and a some nice parallax.

See it!

DOM Animator

Bringing small ascii animations (you can tell I love them) into the developer tools. Great for easter eggs, and surprise job adverts.

Demo // GitHub

The Finger

Giving the finger to people has never been more easy. Built with a good friend of mine, Guy Trefler.

See it! // GitHub


A chrome extention, providing you with new fonts and color palettes every time you open a new tab. Installed on over 30 thousand chrome's

Get it! // GitHub

The Useless Web [WOW, STILL POPULAR]

An incredible time suck, showcasing some of the more artistic, and nonsensical websites online. Visited by millions each month!

See it!

Blue Screen Of Death

A javascript library to make it as difficult as possible to debug, and develop. Consider it coding in hard mode.

Demo // GitHub


A joke library to annoy designers (it worked)... replacing hover animations with full screen gifs, such a solid idea.

Demo // GitHub

The Pattern Library

A big and beautiful collection of free patterns for your websites... and whatever, really.

See it! // GitHub

Meet the Ipsums

A collation of all the filler texts anyone could possibly need.

See it! // GitHub

Discreet Twitter UI

Experimenting with small draws and cupboards to hide the twitter "follow me" buttons, to make them cleaner and nicer for any ui.

Demo // GitHub

Passive agressive passwords

Obviously the path to world domination begins with my own password strength algorithm.

Try it!

Texter [2013]

Playing around with some booky algorithms to paint with text. Tweets of peoples work still brighten my day!

Play with it! // GitHub

Concentrics [2013]

More mixed media generative art. Use your own photos and have them painted in a unique way!

Check it out! // GitHub

Generative Boids [2013]

One of my earliest generative creations, using flocking combined with some line/node drawing!