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Wowen Wilson

Perhaps the most important quiz thats ever existed. Hear the ‘wow’ and name the movie.

With all these serious projects rolling through, it was time to get back on the joke train. This beauty was an idea I’d had with some friends back in Australia… it was one of those things you just can’t ignore. A friend of mine Tobias jumped in, and we made a quick weekend of it.

Wowen Wilson Home

The idea is fairly simple, you hear Owen say “Wow”, and then you need to guess which movie it was from.

Wowen Wilson Quiz

We got pretty good at it by the end, even scoring a perfect 10/10.

Wowen Wilson Results

Although that said, having built it gives you a bit of an advantage. Check it out on the link below.

Play Wowen Wilson

Tutorial Markdown

I’ve open sourced the magic behind the generative artistry website, aptly named tutorial markdown

Tutorial Markdown is a javascript library that reads onto a small extension of markdown syntax, allowing for self coding tutorials like these

Interactive blogging is something that had been on my mind for a long time, so it was great to finally get this out. It involved really picking apart the way that we write code, and finding a way we can explain it in terms that aren’t overwhelming at all.

I’ve added a lot of documentation in there as well, but of course am happy to help anyone getting started!

Tutorial Markdown on GitHub

Toolsday Podcast (Generative Art)

Wahoo, I was on toolsday again, this time talking about generative art, and tutorial markdown.

Toolsday continues to be a fantastic podcast, transversing a wide variety of tools and products. It was a pleasure to be on there again!

Listen here

Generative Artistry

Generative Artistry is a small venture I’m making into blogging actual code! Including something I’ve been thinking a lot about, self coding tutorials.

I’m super excited about Generative Artistry, its going to be a great avenue for me to explore technical blogging, as well as an experimentation into how people learn to code. There’s been a ton of encouraging feedback, that is leading to my next release, which will be called Tutorial Markdown, a markdown style for interactive blogging.

The site itself is a simple blog, built on hugo, a static site build built with GO… its primary focus is speed.

Generative Artistry Site

The site provides a list of tutorials, simple as that.

Another Generative Artistry Site Pic

The tutorials are where the magic really happens, as you scroll through the posts, the code is compiled together in a small editor (to the top left), and then executes in an iframe at the bottom left.

Generative Artistry tutorial page

This means that as you’re reading the post, you can scroll back and forth between code examples and see the difference and steps. This helps build a much stronger understanding about the code thats heading into the editor, and can hopefully help to foster a better learning process.

Edit: Tutorial markdown is now open sourced, for those looking to build something similar

Generative Artistry
Generative Artistry on GitHub

Generative Art Speedrun

I’ve had a big swing into generative art lately, and this talk has been a big part of my research, discovery and exploration.

This video is from JSConf Australia, when I first gave this talk. Since then, I’ve given it in a lot of different formats, and from a lot of different angles, including workshops and lightning talks. Generative art is rich with avenue’s for exploration, inspiration and all round fun!

Check out the video.

The Zen Zone

The Zen Zone is an exploration into what it takes to slow myself down, switch off, meditate.

The idea behind the Zen Zone has been sitting in my head for a year or so now… the thought that I sometimes get stuck focusing on a simple boring task, but when I’m supposed to be focusing on something, like work for example, I find myself wandering aimlessly.

After using Vue recently for the What Have You Made Today extension, I decided to rock back to React for this one. Honestly I feel that both of them are very similar when it comes down to designing and ideating while you create… so no harm dancing around a little bit.

I set out to build a few simple “games” that would keep me captivated, and went in search of inspiration outside of the regular web circles.

The Switches game is inspired by… well, every day switching on the lights. As well as that little satisfaction you can get when animating things nicely in code.

The Switches Game.

The Swirl game has been inspired by the Japanese zen gardens, of which monks would focus on to help clear the mind.

The Swirl Game.

The Break game was inspired by the general nature and make-up of all things. Everything can be broken down into smaller and smaller pieces.

The Break Game.

The games are stitched together in a way that makes me feel like I can expand upon these games easily, add more to the platform, and grow it out when I feel.

Having launched the project, there is a lot to be done straight off the cuff design and development wise. So lots do do still!

The Zen Zone
The Zen Zone on GitHub

Jolly JS Journeys

Had a blast at JSConf Asia! I’ve been talking about the journey of creation for a while now, and am always changing how I want to present it. This is one of my favorite renditions.

Honestly, JSConf Asia was really top notch this year, I met an incredible group of developers from all different backgrounds. Could barely sleep afterwards. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of going!

Watch on YouTube.


Canvas JavaScript polyfill for the vital and pivotal S we all drew in school.

The web canvas is a powerful tool, the API is fairly straight forward, and provides us with the tools to draw almost anything. Circles, squares and lines are the building blocks we have used since the dawn of time…

That said, there is also one other basic shape… that we all learn in school… passed down through generations… as old as time… no one really knows its origin.


Absolutely a must have for any canvas project.

S.JS on GitHub

I don't know what you expected.